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change management

In a fast-paced, changing global marketplace, people must expand beyond traditional methods. This program stresses new concepts for goal-setting and leadership.

Organizational culture

Focusing on the organizational structures which are key to the implementation of a vibrant organization, this program promotes strategies for buy-ins to far-reaching initiatives.


Providing valuable insights and hands-on practice for win/win negotiations, this program emphasizes the skills required to work with others to achieve excellent results.

OR . . .
Take advantage of my one-of-a-kind programs, Murder Mystery Training Events. I've turned a hobby into fun-filled events that teach essential interpersonal skills in a non-threatening environment.

To find out more, call or email me. I'd be happy to tell you more about how we can work together.

Jack Pachuta

Jack Pachuta

Discover how to navigate a turbulent global marketplace with insights from someone who's been there!

What would it be like to book a speaker for your group who will drive home your critical message in an entertaining, informative, unique way?

Just think of it . . .
You'll be confident that your needs are emphasized with the right words to create action and results.

Look no further . . .
My name is Jack Pachuta and for over three decades, I've been there as a corporate manager, executive and consultant. I've headed departments and I've seen how organizations function. Now, you can take advantage of my experience by booking me for a keynote, seminar or consulting engagement. Use my skills to help you get your people working together when they learn key concepts of Negotiations, Team Building, Communications, and Change Management.

My NEW program about Organizational Culture, based on my book and my Cultural Analysis system, will give you valuable insights about how your organization functions.